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ATTC specializes in the international trade of commodities, and agricultural products. As growers, we are able to offer a variety of agro-foods at competitive prices while ensuring fast and reliable transportation gained through our extended experience in shipping. The combination of trade and transport truly provides us with our key success factor. Our competitive advantages are rooted in the quality of our product, efficiency of delivery, and dedication to customer service.

  • Product quality
    As growers and transporters we are able to provide our unique guarantee that all our products reach the market place adhering to our strict standards
  • Efficiency of delivery
    ATTC has been operating in the global market place for over 25 years. Our skilled personnel at all stages of the supply chain, our dedicated transport lines, coupled with great volumes we transport annually, allow us to provide prices below competitors.
  • Customer service
    We at ATTC adhere to strict standard of customer service set out to us by our group of companies Rafimar shipping company (Atorvastatin buy online uk), and MEPANDI inspection and survey company (Venlafaxine 37.5 mg xr).

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